5:19 PM, 27 Apr 2020

The NT Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Board (a statutory authority) was set-up under section 5 of the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Act 1983. Their primary job is to issue advanced tradesmen licenses and journeyman registration cards to certified individuals. 

The Board operates under the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Act 1983, which covers all declared plumbing licence areas PDF. They are responsible for making sure that certificates, registration cards and official licenses are only awarded to qualified individuals. Additionally, they are tasked with managing complaints whilst upholding workmanship standards and consumer protection, and have the power to invoke disciplinary action if necessary.

The Board works together with other authorities that need licensed tradesmen to carry out plumbing and draining jobs under their own legislation. The Territory Business Centres (TBC) also provide forms and general information regarding plumbing licences. You can get in touch with the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Board to obtain more information relating to plumbing and draining licences by calling 08 8936 4083.

The Building Practitioners Board can be contacted for more details regarding the process of becoming a certified plumber.


To apply for a license and/or registration, you can visit the TBC centres in the cities of Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs or Tennant Creek, where you can hand in your form and make a payment. Photographs can also be taken on-site if needed. You can call the number provided on the application form if you need to talk to a licensing officer for any reason.

If you do not wish to submit your application in person, you can also send your scanned application to the TBC through the post or via email using the contact details provided on the form. Proof of access to the latest Australian Standard (AS/NZS 3500) must be presented by all new and renewing applicants.


Click here to find a full list of currently licensed plumbers and drainers PDF (94.3 KB) (last updated on 6th April 2020). You can call the registrar on (08) 8936 4083 if you wish to employ an individual who cannot be found on the list and you need to verify that they are licensed in the Northern Territory.

It is important to understand that a Journeyman is not a licensed plumber, meaning that they are not permitted to work directly for customers. They must be supervised at work by an advanced tradesman at all times. You can contact the registrar for a directory of all currently-registered journeymen.

An advanced tradesman must be registered with the Building Practitioners Board as a certifying tradesman to be able to certify and sign-off work. The Board must have your current address in order to send you a notice for renewal. 


Occasionally, courses focusing on backflow prevention and hot-water control devices are provided by the Charles Darwin University in both Darwin and Alice Springs. Further details about these courses can be found by calling the university directly on 08 8946 7679. Upon completion of one (or both) of these courses, you can scan and send a copy of your certification to the Registrar to receive a new card showing your new certifications.

You can find a list of plumbers qualified to install and test backflow prevention devices PDF (27.9 KB) by clicking this link (last updated on 6th April 2020).


The act provisions only permit the Board to issue licenses for advanced Tradesmen and journeymen under the plumbing and draining categories. Upon completion of a relevant course, certifications and accreditations for backflow prevention devices and hot water temperature control devices can be added to your license. The Board must be presented with the relevant certificates when issuing licenses.