A Group Training Organisation (GTO) is a corporation established predominately to provide training and employment opportunities.

GTOs employ apprentices and trainees and are responsible for ensuring that those employees receive suitable training and experience.

To achieve this aim, the GTO will find a suitable 'host' business for each apprentice or trainee to work with on a daily basis. Apprentices and trainees employed by GTOs may spend their entire apprenticeship or traineeship with one host business who can offer them a well-rounded training experience.

The benefits of using GTNT

  • Utilising a GTO increases retention and completion rates (GTO have a higher retention and completion rate than employers employing and managing direct)
  • You can focus on managing your business and get more work life balance
  • GTO takes away the legal responsibility from you
  • Provides full or tailored recruitment services e.g. online applications, screening, DCIS profiling, risk assessment, aptitude testing, medical assessments “fitness for work” and arrange uniforms including PPE.”
  • Provide full financial services e.g. payroll, invoicing
  • Manages conflict and disputes
  • Manages and coordinates all off the job training
  • Provide Case Management and Performance Improvement Plans
  • Provide flexible and tailored services to clients
  • Manages all Industrial Relations and Human Resources matters